CIOR Kids Aqua Shoes Breathable Slip-on Sneakers for Running Pool Beach Toddler Price: $0.99$18.88 (as of 20/10/2019 19:22 PST- Details)

Breathable mesh lace-less sneakers, sole is light but still sturdy, easily washed.
Hybrid sneaker water shoes, Perfect for the Beach or Pool provide hours of comfort for your kids.
Anti-collision, consolidation, perfect for walking, running, sports.

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The sneakers be offering nice coverage to ft and it’s an implausible choice to lace much less sneakers for hotter climate. We designed Those sneakers to be a sneaker / water shoe hybrid. They’re this type of amusing and recent new thought and this type of deal with to your toddler’s ft.
Those vibrantly colourful, uniquely designed, relaxed new mesh sneakers are Highest corporate on your children indoor and outside!Those breathable mesh sneakers are available in a number of vivid vigorous colours.

EU 19 / Insole Duration 13cm / Infant 5 M
EU 20 / Insole Duration 13.5cm / Infant 5.5 M
EU 21 / Insole Duration 14cm / Infant 6 M
EU 22 / Insole Duration 14.5cm / Toddler6.5 M
EU 23 / Insole Duration 15cm / Infant 7 M
EU 24 / Insole Duration 15.5cm / Infant 7.5 M
EU 25 / Insole Duration 16cm / Infant 8 M
EU 26 / Insole Duration 16.5cm / Infant 8.5 M
EU 27 / Insole Duration 17cm / Infant 9 M
EU 28 / Insole Duration 17.5cm / Infant 9.5 M
EU 29 / Insole Duration 18cm / Infant 10 M
EU 30 / Insole Duration 18.5cm / Little Child 10.5 M
EU 31 / Insole Duration 19cm / Little Child 11 M
EU 32 / Insole Duration 19.5cm / Little Child 11.5 M
EU 33 / Insole Duration 20cm / Little Child 12 M
EU 34 / Insole Duration 20.5cm / Little Child 12.5 M
EU 35 / Insole Duration 21cm /Little Child 13 M
EU 36 / Insole Duration 21.5cm / Little Child 13.5 M
Breathable mesh lace-much less sneakers, sole is gentle however nonetheless robust, simply washed.
Hybrid sneaker water sneakers, Highest for the Seashore or Pool supply hours of convenience to your children.
Anti-collision, consolidation, Highest for strolling, operating, sports activities.
Highest for kids of every age designed with slip resistant and sturdy soles.
An excellent gift to your children on Christmas. Please make sure the dimensions in PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.

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